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With years of rich experience, Zeal Herbs has emerged as one of the leading Suppliers of more than 300 pure and natural Spices and Agro Products. Adhering top rigorous quality standards, we are at the apex in providing Dried Spices, Dried Ashwagandha Root, Dried Tulsi Leaves, Dried Shatavari Root etc.

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Dried Tulsi Leaves

We are specialized in providing Dried Tulsi Leaves. It is one of the most important plants for every Indian due to its traditional and religious uses. It is easily found in every Hindu home in India. This is a holy herb for Hindu and used in many rebellious ceremony from birth to death and worship of god. Its four species are mainly used for medicinal purpose. Its uses are unlimited and to mention all of them is very difficult. But, few of the most important uses are given below :

  • Fever
  • Kidney stones
  • Heart diseases
  • Asthma
  • Children diseases like cough, common cold, fever, vomit etc.
  • Stress
  • Mouth ulcer and infection
  • Bites of insect
  • Skin diseases
  • Pieales
  • Eye diseases
  • Teeth diseases
  • Headache